Hi! I'm Nana from Indonesia. Drawing is a hobby of mine ^^ It's just so much fun!

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Tony Stark + never stop smiling

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mcu + dnd alignments

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Marvel Meme: One Avenger [1/1]  → Iron Man

∟ “Becoming an Avenger is not a right… but a privilege! ”

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This isn't freedom, this is fear.

Black Widow | Winter Soldier | Captain America

Some concept drawings of Hella’s Winterheart ^_^

More drawings & resources list on AO3.


Deancas Time Travel AU: Every year on the same day, like clockwork, Dean Winchester would get a visitor from a mysterious man who claimed he could leap through time. It was only after the visits became more erratic that Dean realized the man was actually a prisoner trapped in a time loop, and Dean is the only fixed point in time that he can latch on to. When the enigmatic traveler, weakened with every jump, seems to finally disappear for good, Dean and his brother Sam embark on a journey to find him before he’s ripped apart. Before long, Dean will realize that the only thing that can help him save Castiel is a bond so profound it will start unraveling the very fabric of time itself.

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Pepper’s dead, Killian’s still running rampant, and Tony’s crash-landed somewhere that better be Antarctica damn it, JARVIS. Somehow he only has Thor’s crazy younger brother for company. Who thankfully hasn’t lost his shit yet. Because Tony’s not going to accidentally tell him about the adoption thing. Also those blue-skinned, blood-eyed giants? Not letting Loki anywhere near them.

Really, Tony’s fine with this being a huge, panic-induced dream.

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As requested MANY MANY TIMES the Thorki on Ice AU you wanted with diva Loki and his most affectionate fan, Thor. I don’t know who first started this thing but thank you, you ruined my life.

Inspired by Johnny Weir’s performances: X - X and many other posts

I've never been able to picture Loki slash until I saw your art work (love them now). How did you end up in the IronFrost love?
malaikat malaikat Said:

Yaay! I’m so glad you love them now! :D

Actually I was simply browsing around AO3 and saw ‘Loki/Tony Stark’ tag… I wasn’t in the MCU fandom, and I never cared much about Loki or Tony before. Confession: I honestly didn’t even get why people found those men remotely handsome/attractive :p

But that tag surprised me! It sounded like a very unusual pairing, but by the time I got there, there were already 1200+ fics of it! \( ゚д゚)/

It got me wondering about how the pairing worked, so I tried reading a few fics. It turned out those first few ones I read were SO amazing and enjoyable that I grew to love all the characters and the pairing as well ;D And yeah I’ve been following the pairing ever since. It’s all because of the fics! (*≧▽≦)


Winterheart concept art by Artmetica
Loki (the prisoner)
Tony Stark (the intruder)
Hescamar (the watcher)
The Apple (the hourglass)

We had some real fun coming up with these designs, especially Loki, who was determined to be some kind of regal no matter how we wrangled him. These are our final attempts for clothing and bearing, for the apple and the raven Odin sent down to act as guardian from the shadows. 

I’m posting these in Nana’s stead because she’s away from her computer, but please, if you love these, tell her so!! You would make my day if you sent the love her way. Fanart is such a gift, and having her work with me on this fic has been amazing so far. Who knows, when she has more time on her hands she might even post us some more. ;)

The pleasure is mine! ^_^


Winterheart by goddamnhella | Art by Artmetica
Rating: M
Chapter: 1/?
Summary: For his crimes, Loki’s punishment began in a lonely and endless winter. For Tony’s sacrifice, his imprisonment began with a rescue.
A story of ugliness and beauty, inside and out - and learning what the word ‘monster’ really means. Through understanding, trust, honesty and bravery, two damaged souls might yet find their place in the world.

A drawing for an FB friend :)